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Why Use GSL Consulting Services?

GSL Consulting is the pioneer of offering advisory services in Chinese utility and metering fields.

We offer a series of professional services on China's utility market which is a combined brainpower of our key market analysts and industry experts.

Our key employees and affiliated partners have worked in the industry for decades, including government officials, senior executives from utilities, vendors, technical engineers, and researchers in China's enterprises and institutions. We have reliable published and unpublished authority sources. We also conduct regular interviews with related government officials, and utility professionals.

Our services are of exceptional quality due to our:

Capabilities: With long term presence in China, we gain strength of China perspectives, and industry expertise combined with an in-depth understanding of local conditions. Our consulting experts are where you are in China, when you need them.

Focus: We are committed to being the best in the industry. We are tenacious in being the best in the industry and maintaining leadership of profession we founded.

Credibility: We have an unparalleled record of successfully serving our clients and defending our services in front of any regulatory agencies around the globe, including China's Consulting Society.

On-time delivery: We understand the importance of deadlines. Our consultant team ensures that we can deliver consulting reports and opinions when you need them.

We help companies make smarter and faster decisions. Our experiences and institutional knowledge prevent costly and avoidable mistakes.

Be confident with GSL Consulting, your decisions are the right ones.


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