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Sourcing from China

No matter what utility products you want to buy from China, complete units (electricity, water, gas or heat meters) or meter components and parts, it is recommended that you consult with us at the initial stage. We provide suggestions and advices and even recommend some local suppliers at no cost to you. We are aware that some international companies have ever suffered big losses or failures in their China procurement projects due to the limited time and resources they have.

At further stage, we can work as a local sourcing agent for you with small reasonable charges. The sourcing service comprises: recommendation of local suppliers, pre-assessment of the selected suppliers or manufactures (assessment report to be provided), explaining the technical specification required to the manufacturer (ensuring their full understanding with necessary Chinese translation), samples arrangement, quality inspection during the factory production, and quality control by final check or testing before shipping, local monitor or control and local support for post sale services upon request.

Alternatively, you can also join our International Sourcing Fairs in all our international expositions, which offer you a good opportunity to visit some Chinese factories and meet them on one to one basis.

For details, please contact us.
James Lau
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Email: james.lau@gsl-consulting.com


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